My Location

MyLocation - How to find mylocation ?

What is mylocation ?

MyLocation place provides your current gps location coordinates. In order to obtain a location the app needs your location permission. The app shows your current lat lng coordinates. You can also see your location on map. Latitude and longitude coordinates corresponds to shown location on map. Under the latitude longitude DMS coordinates are also provided. My location right now is the location you see on map.

What is my map coordinates ?

Latitude longitude coordinates that are shown on screen are your current location. DMS coordinates are also provided along with lat lng coordinates.

How to share my location

How to share my location is fairly easy. You can share your current location by clicking the share button under the map. Iphone location and android location are both shared via share my location button.

Where am I ?

MyLocation place provides current my location coordinates. Location coordinates are provided as latlng and DMS coordinates.